Velda Anderson Bronx

Specialties: Coaching Diabetics and Pre-diabetics programs

What Velda Anderson is offering:

One-on-one 50 minute sessions and group sessions

How Velda Anderson can help you:

Ii am providing information to those who have been diagnosed as being Diabetic or Pre-diabetic or are extremely overweight about the possibility of reversing a disease that may do damage to their liver, heart, joints, blood pressure, pancrease and vision. The rise step would be to halt the progression of this disease through food intake choices and lifestyle changes. We will discuss their health history to see just where they are at in a one-on-one session by phone or Skype application. Ther will be made aware of exactly what to expect to determine if they want to proceed. I will recommend.that they sign up for a 6 month program that will emerse them in a diabetes reversal program titled " Your Road Map To A More Balanced Life"

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and wellness practitioner and a graduate of the Integrative Institute for Nutrition where I studied traditional nutrition theories, contemporary health studies and health coaching. I am an advocate for natural and holistic medicine in lieu of man made pharmaceutical remedies to cure the human body.
I manage a Facebook page titled "Your Healthiest Life Choices" with useful information on sugar intake and nutrition tips. I run 3, 6 and 12 month programs for persons with diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions as well as weight loss programs. I am also in the process of completing a book titled " Your Roadmap to a More Balanced Life".