Lorraine Ebron Greenville

Specialties: life coach, seniors and entrepreneurs

What Lorraine Ebron is offering:

Learn 10 Easy Ways a Modern Day Grandparent Can Remain Relevant in the Lives of Their Evolving Family

How Lorraine Ebron can help you:

Learn Strategies to Gain Control of the Ever Changing Times, Ideas, and Technologies, thus giving you an opportunity to reconnect with tech savvy, idealistically progressive, and perhaps social media crazed family members and friends without having to necessarily become manic yourself! And that's Only if you don't want too! LOL(laugh out loud)! You will walk away with hands on knowledge to effectively communicate in modern day text speak, with email, as well as navigating You Tube for fun and for "how to" webinars etc. You will gain an overall understanding of what your family members really want from you in these modern times, and most importantly how you can deliver thereby reiterating and recapturing your role as Grand Matriarch or Patriarch of your family.

Lorraine Ebron is overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the interests and concerns of Seniors, Retirees, and Entrepreneurs. She understands their initial and ongoing plight of transition from mainstream to hopeful enjoyment near a warm and bubbling stream. Her endeavor and purpose is being a high spirited guide that congratulates them on the best decision they either every made or had the opportunity to graduate to with a hearty congratulations and tactical strategy that will reap happy reward, abundant satisfaction, and yield the fruits of life long success, and the footprints that affect the beyond. Lorraine Ebron has a BA in English and a minor in Education and has presented workshops to eager participants since 2006.