Eric Hartman Sonoma

Specialties: smoking cessation, coaching

What Eric Hartman is offering:

2 Week Quit Smoking Process; Personalized Coaching

How Eric Hartman can help you:

You had to "learn" how to start smoking.
It took most of you about two weeks to get "really" good at it.
It was a "SKILL SET" you acquired
You practiced and practiced.
Mission accomplished.
Starting smoking was a "learned" skill set.
It was done through a process called 'Experiential Learning'.
Quitting Smoking is also a learned skill set.
You'll quit through a process called: Experiential Learning.
It's called the 30MinuteQuit Process.
The Power is in the Process.
Complimentary Consultation available.

Eric Hartman is a man on a mission. His passion to empower smokers to Quit Smoking Nicotine On Purpose is changing lives.

He has helped thousands quit smoking successfully since 2004. First under an IRB Clinical Trial for Smoking Cessation with Laser Therapy and then with an innovative, drug free, product free protocol known as “The30MinuteQuit Process”. In as little as 2 weeks our clients and patients learn a very specific, easy to implement skill set to teach them to Quit Smoking Nicotine On Purpose along with the support of the Quit Smoking Coach Team.

Eric’s book "Get Your Quit Together" will be available in Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other fine retailers in spring 2015.