Michael Kline Franklin

Specialties: Brain injury awareness

What Michael Kline is offering:

recovery tools to help survivors of traumatic brain injury and their caregivers

How Michael Kline can help you:

After a near fatal brain injury and amazing recovery I like to speak to people that are going through this life changing tragedy such as mine. I have returned to full duty as a firefighter and fought off all of the road blocks along the way. Through my injury and recovery I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insights on survivors and families of traumatic brain injuries and ways to cope.

I am a former US Army paratrooper and combat veteran. I am currently a professional firefighter with 19 years of experience. I teach fire and water rescue classes at the state level. I act as a strike team leader for ambulance crews that can be deployed across the state and nation in severe and large scale incidents. I recently gave a presentation about recovery and resilience at the PA brain injury awareness conference in Lancaster, PA.