Elisabeth Austin New York

Specialties: Diamond Cuts and Investing, Value Investing and Divesting for Functional Fine Jewel Collections,

What Elisabeth Austin is offering:

Valuable diamond information that is easy to understand. To schedule an appointment, review the topics in Blue under "Availability" and click the knowledge that you need. It's that simple !!

How Elisabeth Austin can help you:

Elisabeth Austin is the ultimate insider in the diamond industry with a private collector mindset. She has had deep exposure to the processes and marketing at every level of the diamond industry from the mine to the counter. Working in the offices mere meters away from the diamond cutting wheels in the New York City offices, Elisabeth has brokered large business with the most important retailers in the world and at the same time retained the excitement and wonder of a personal collector where she stands side by side with other collectors sharing information for the most exquisite acquisitions. Elisabeth speaks knowledgeably to the opportunities and concerns in both acquiring and selling multi-million dollar diamonds explaning market pricing parameters to the aesthetic concerns of choosing the most special engagement ring or celebration purchase.

Understanding the potential for confusion inherent in diamond industry language for the average consumer or collector, Elisabeth has not only written training material to teach associates at one of the largest retailers in the world to speak understandably and confidently about diamonds, she is also is working on a practical guidebook for collectors and lovers of better gems and jewelry...all including the perspective of basic investing while developing an understanding of the price/beauty relationship and the language that style and design speak.

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