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Specialties: Researcher, author and Sexology specialist

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The Connection Between Sex and Religion

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Ancient cultures had no awareness of obscenity as we understand it today. Men and women carried phallic symbols around their necks to keep evil spirits away while children wore them for protection and good health. The obscenity motif was supplied and read into phallic worship by observers and critics a thousand years later. The submission to science has robbed the generative and reproductive forces of their one-time mystery and contributed to the decline of phallicism. Much of the mystery which phallicism purported to explain, remains an enigma of life and unexplainable in terms of modern science.

I am internationally recognized in the field of sexology and have presented my work at scientific conferences in North America and Europe. Have been director in the addictions field for outpatient counseling services and developed treatment models for residential treatment centres. My research includes sexual behaviour of HIV-positive males and the power of indirect suggestion. Currently in private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia where I specialize in sexual abuse issues and emotional health