Diana Williamson

Specialties: Songwriting

What Diana Williamson is offering:

Songwriting Critiques and Consultation

How Diana Williamson can help you:

Diana Williamson will offer songwriters one on one critiques of their songs in a person to person Skype session. Marketing, Presentation, Lyrics and Composition will be covered.

Select writers will be considered for inclusion into Themusiclibrary.org's company.

Diana Williamson is head consultant in charge of licensing and acquisition for Themusiclibrary.org a boutique publishing company that places music in film, tv and with recording artists. They have everything from Grammy winning writers to fresh indie talent from around the world.

Themusiclibrary.org covers every genre of music and has placed songs on all the major networks, ABC, NBC, Global, Disney, HBO, MTV & VHI as well as songs on major record labels such as EMI, RCA, Warner Brothers, House of Blues, etc..

In addition, Diana is a songwriter and has written 2 no#3 Billboard Hot Club chart dance songs, Awakening for EMI's Sasha Lazard and Freak Like Me for Mayra Veronica (also #2 in Brazil). She's had cuts in jazz, recently cowriting Indian star Bappi Lahiri's last album, WALKING ON LOVE STREET, blues cuts with Jimmy Rip (former guitarist and musical director for Mick Jagger solo projects), pop for Warner Brothers Judith Lefeber and many others. Diana has songs published by BMG/Chrysalis Publishing.

Diana also produces and her track with Ali Woodson (former Temptation) & jazz artist Jeff Lorber debuted in the Queen Latifah movie "The Perfect Holiday". This song was found through her Christmas song contest which she then produced an album of, "Modern Christmas Classics". She also produced a cd for her 2nd International song contest "Love Song to New Orleans.

Diana's lyrics were profiled in hit songwriter John Capek's book "How to Write a Hit Song without Really Trying" and she helped Jay Warner update his 2nd edition book on "How to have Your Hit Song Published". In addition she has written for episodic tv.

Diana is a member of ASCAP, BMI and a Voting Member for the Grammy's.