Jay Jones

Specialties: History of Fitness, Black History,weight loss, Inspiration, motivation, fitness training, diabetes expert, common sense financial fitness mindset, business ownership, image advocate

What Jay Jones is offering:

The Jay Jones INI Life Empowerment Workshop

How Jay Jones can help you:

Jay Jones INI Life Empowerment Workshops

The INI Life Empowerment Workshops offer a broad range of topics designed to provide individuals with the very practical process for clarifying their purpose in order to gain a new perspective on health and long-term actionable strategies for living healthy: mind, body and soul.

Our “hands on” workshops blend a unique understanding of emotional and behavior distractions with strong individual and group development expertise. In a fun,enlightening and entertaining environment, participants get to interact with one another while working, thinking, doing (physical fitness activities, depending on the workshop), and processing a variety of targeted health and fitness strategies.

Whether your goal is to inspire or develop skills, we are committed to helping you enhance the effectiveness of your event, conference, workshop, meeting or One on One.

Jay Jones is a Fitness Minister & Certified Peak Performance Coach whose motto is "A mental transformation leads to a conscious restoration and finally a physical activation of your most successful self." Jay puts this philosophy to practice everyday as Inspiration and Owner of Jay Jones INI (Inspiration Not Intimidation) Peak Performance Coaching

Jay is an all-around athlete and was a standout football player at the quarterback position until his career was cut short by a broken neck. The subsequent physical rehabilitation as well as the mental and spiritual awakening a "near death" experience often creates... inspired Jay Jones to utilize his unique gifts to save the world.

Through World Class Fitness Coaching that includes elements of
muscle confusion
balance training
focused breathing
and Life Changing Mentality Coaching that includes elements of
Biblical Teachings
Positive Affirmations
Guided Relaxation
and Auto Suggestions

Jay Jones has built a successful business of building healthier Bodies and Minds for people across the World.

Jay Jones has truly created a powerful method of Right Thinking that will tremendously aid you in the obtainment of ANYTHING you want to accomplish!