Shawn Wallace Denver

Specialties: Online Marketing Strategist | Business Coach

What Shawn Wallace is offering:

30 Minute Online Marketing Strategy Session

How Shawn Wallace can help you:

I've set aside some time to talk to you, personally. And during that time, I'll evaluate your business and work with you collaboratively to create an immediately actionable plan to increase your sales and profits.

There is a $25.00 charge for this. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, we can discuss working together long term.

And if you feel I've wasted your time in our conversation, I'll send you a check for $50.00 as compensation. Either way, you come out ahead.

Shawn Wallace is an online marketing strategist and business coach that focuses on growing small businesses by magnifying the potential and greatness that exists within people. His mission is to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs tap into their passions while giving them the tools needed to successfully build their business vocation through both online and offline workshops, latest informational resources and personal one-on-one consultations.

Shawn has over 8 years of online and offline marketing experience with a strong background in sales, customer services, traditional advertising, and new digital info product development.