Keyonna S. Cox

Specialties: Celebrity Coaching, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Business, Youth, Relationships, Identity, Life Purpose

What Keyonna S. Cox is offering:

Private and Group Speaking/Coaching: Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Business, Youth, Relationships, Identity, Life Purpose

How Keyonna S. Cox can help you:

Total Life Prosperity Coaching for Celebrities, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts in the industries of Fashion, Entertainment, Business, Education, Relationships, Youth, Life Purpose, Identity, Health, Wealth/Financial Management, Peace of Mind, Spirituality, Support and Encouragement.


Keyonna S. Cox, has been recognized by both celebrities and non-celebrities alike, for her innovative concepts, ear to listen, practical advice, and passion to encourage people to be the best them from where they are.

Keyonna’s creative journey launched at FIDM as a fashion design major. Simultaneously, she interned as a Dresser and Junior Fashion Stylist at Macy's annual charity fashion shows, Junior League & Passport and was contracted with Nordstrom as an Assistant Fashion Stylist/ Dresser.

Although Ms. Cox’s work and contributions have been featured on a host of celebrities and media outlets, she discovered herself "lending an ear" and providing advice to clients more than her given assignments.

For nearly a decade, she has been a guest speaker, discussing various topics at seminars, conferences, colleges, junior high and elementary schools. Furthermore, she has interacted with an array of institutions and government officials regarding education reform and has volunteered for youth events.

Other titles under her belt entail: Founder, CEO, Liaison, Consultant, Fashion/Lifestyle Correspondent, Instructor, Senior Fashion Editor, Costume Designer, and Fashion Show Director.

In addition, she has supported and worked cohesively with producers, directors, fashion and entertainment professionals, organizations, enthusiasts, and every day people.

Her passion for people in pursuit of their purpose, led her to the production of "Breaking Into & Succeeding In The Fashion & Entertainment Industries: Fashion/ Wardrobe Stylists," a conference designed for aspiring, emerging and seasoned stylists, held in Los Angeles, CA.

Keyonna is presently available for speaking engagements, coaching, and event collaborations. Additionally, she is in the process of establishing a fashion and entertainment college in Los Angeles and building Project TEEN Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the well-being of teens.