Wayne Sharer Washington

Specialties: Leadership, Coaching, Training in Online Business and Multilevel Marketing

What Wayne Sharer is offering:

Personal Coaching in My 5-Step Downline System to Get Your MLM profitable in 30 days or less.

How Wayne Sharer can help you:

Personally coach you in simple and easy 5 step system to get your down line started and profitable in 30 days or less. Including proven, low cost methods that literally never fail from those willing to take action.

Wayne Sharer is a retired Navy commanding officer with over 30 years experience online and off leading, coaching and training people to achieve their highest level of success.

He created his first online company providing SEO, web design, and pay per click traffic services to businesses marketing online.

He has personally built online traffic generation and marketing plans for major marketers, and provided training and live webinars for leading marketers top students.

Besides his SEO company, Sharer is currently building one of the fastest growing Multilevel marketing teams online. Through case studies and personal coaching, he has proven these methods successful and work for anyone willing to step into the world of Multilevel marketing online.

He emphasizes the promotion of highly valuable products and services where products and services stand on their own, and does not sell any "lotions or potions." His students and down line excel in building teams in 100% commission products and a new form of marketing called leveraged affiliate marketing.

Sharer is the author of two books including the best selling anthology The Art and Science of Success: Volume 2, and the book Protege Profits.

Sharer also hosts the online show, Wayne Sharer Show emphasizing personal development and skills in multilevel marketing.

"Wayne is one of the best mentors you can be listening to online today, I'll tell you that, hands down. Wayne is living testament of soaring to the top" - Mark Call, owner PhoneOptin.com and MarkCall.com

"Wayne is a real Go Getter on every things he set his focus on. He has a very high standard of professionalism. In the training for his students to give it their all, and also for clients in maximizing there returns" - Rick Burdo