Dawn Christie

Specialties: Privtate spiritual readings (person/phone/skyoe), Cutom single or couples retreats, unique spa services

What Dawn Christie is offering:

Range of Classes, Private Individual/Couple Spiritual Readings, Individual or Couples Retreats, Unique Spa Services

How Dawn Christie can help you:

For one person, a couple or group:

-Private one-on-one Spiritual Readings
in person, skype or phone.

-One Day - Week(s) single or couples Retreats
that transform your life.

-Custom Spa treatments that show dramatic results
in Weight loss and Anti-aging.
This is Hollywoods it place, for todays must have services
and treatments.

-Classes to help improve all aspects of life,
from finding your soul mate, The hidden key to financial success, bringing in success by honoring your life gifts,
or even how to cook mouthwatering food that is a total seduction of the soul; etc. plus many many other topics.

"A reading with Dawn Christie is better than anything I have ever experienced. She is gifted in The most detailed way, much more than a psychic, ....her gift is an invaluable tool to help people; THOROUGH AND IN DEPTH. I was a skeptic...but now am blown away." LA TIMES REP

People seek to be counseled by me because I can tune into anything and anyone; its been this way since I was very young. I have coached young kids to world leaders, Kennedy awarded thinkers, and entertainment trailblazers alike. We are all people, with a path, a purpose, gifts to live by and obstacles to cross in this lifetime. I was given insight into that veil of knowledge to help people achieve everything out of life and to understand all that happens to them.

I do readings, retreats, incredible custom services and seminars to help elevate people to reach success in all areas of their existence.
What I do is unique beyond anything in the wellness field; because the gift that I was born with gives me access to DIRECT Universal information to share. I am able to help people in such a dramatically detailed and dynamic way, that the results are over-the-top and people are in shock with magnitude of effect a session has on their entire lives.
It is fulfilling being able to offer my services to people in a larger way and to help them live the lives they were always intended to. I will either get a call from a woman who wants to know when she is going to meet her soul mate or from a corporation needing assistance on an international exchange issue.It is literally that diverse, which is an honor.

" Your purpose is my passion. " It is my job and utter privilege to share every Universal secret, and answer with you to be able to steer you in your right direction.