Specialties: As directed by the spirit/s at the time of the reading ... SPIRITUAL NUMEROLOGY, SPIRITUAL VISION , Pendulum (Dowsing), Tarot (but my version); Distance Healing & My Intuition. (By practicing Advanced ESP Silva Mind Control Method)

What REV. LEBON is offering:

Spiritual Readings ... IN ENGLISH & SPANISH. Horoscope Like a Reading.

How REV. LEBON can help you:

* REAL SPIRIT/S ADVICE Direct and Honest ... to live in the realm of truth, but I do try to speak tactfully, and with love and respect. Sorry I DON'T Sugarcoat Things?

REV. LEBON J. D. is a "not body"; It's just a servant of God. Rev. Lebon founded JEZZY RESEARCH in 1990; To run a private research on information, theories, ideas, tactics, methods, techniques, systems and general knowledge to further the advancement of rare "How-To's", The Supernatural and Practical Occultism for Publication and Consultant Services. Rev. Lebon from early age was exposed to Shamanism Rituals, Ceremonies and Practices from Ecuadorian Amazon shamans and later on life to Santeros and their Practices. He had volunteered a lot of his time to further his research; He has been Hypnotized ... -By a License Psychologist in the state of New York and participated in "Exorcisms". -By a License Psychiatrist in the state of New York and participated in "Past Life Regression" and "Thought Transfer during Hypnosis". -By a well-known American Mentalist and a well known Hypnotizer from Europe. In the Nineties, Rev. Lebon became a "guinea pig" to be directly able to research "Psychic Surgery" from the Philippines, and "Telergia" (Telergy) from Brazil; Also, he had been Polygraphed (Tested with a "Lie Detector") many times in United States, just to mention some of the areas he had researched. Rev. Lebon's future plans are to have an opportunity once again to attend a reunion of The Parapsychology Society of the UNSRC (1993/"S.E.A.T."), To be a Mediator for The Municipal Division of the Superior Court of his County,