Sharman G. Lawson Georgia

Specialties: Consultant, Coach, Counselor, Advisor for the Personal Care Home Industry

What Sharman G. Lawson is offering:

Consulting, Policy & Procedure Manuals, Forms, E-Book, and Training

How Sharman G. Lawson can help you:

There is a right and wrong way to do most things in life and business. Allow me to help you fulfill your dream of owning a personal care facility. It is rewarding. Can be quite profitable, and you will be able to impact others lives by giving quality care, and compassion in a safe loving environment.

My name is Sharman G. Lawson. I am a personal care home and group home consultant. I've personally owned and operated a personal care home for the elderly and aging. I've also been a provider and owner of a host home, in my own home for the developmentally disabled and MR/DD population. I am also a Certified Coach and Certified Human Behavior Consultant. What I do is show other potential owners how to get licensed, start, run, and maintain their own personal care facility.

I have helped individuals all over the country realize their dream of owning a personal care facility. When my husband and I made the decision to start a facility to care for those aging and disabled, it was hard. You see, I couldn't find anyone to help answer any of my questions. People didn't want to give information, share knowledge, resources, or help me in any capacity.

Allow me to educate, guide, and help you fulfill your vision and dream of owning and operating a facility for the elderly, youth, or those that are mentally challenged and developmentally disabled.