Joe Miscavage Hermosa Beach

Specialties: Google Glass Explorer

What Joe Miscavage is offering:

Google Glass Lessons

How Joe Miscavage can help you:

I am Joe Miscavage, an independent IT Contractor (not an employee of Google), who has been selected by Google to be a Google Glass Explorer.

I am one of at least 10,000, and probably upwards towards 34,000+, who were chosen from over 500,000+ applicants.

Having thoroughly tested the Google Glass; I am offering detailed demonstrations and lessons on its features, capabilities and potential.

These lessons are not hands on; they are on head, where one gets to wear the device and voice, swipe and tap commands.

While this is being done; others can watch a live feed on a nearby Nexus tablet.

Additionally I can discuss Glass app design and development topics.

Information Technology (IT) Professional for the past 30+ years.

Mobile Strategist/ Technologist