Chrysallis Yee

Specialties: social media, creativity development, personal development, healing, effective journaling, creating new habits, career development, brand development, learning enrichment, autism, ADHD, personalized learning plans for children with alternate learning need

What Chrysallis Yee is offering:

classes and individual coaching sessions on personal and professional development

How Chrysallis Yee can help you:

Personal development can truly flourish in the right environment. However, the immediate environment of our day to day lives don't always offer the most ideal conditions that we need to thrive. I help individuals forge a special place in their life. And within this inner space, they can feel nourished and empowered to break away from the past and take the steps they need to make the changes they want. Going from ideals to grounded reality requires not only insight, but also action as well.

I teach a wide range of interrelated areas to help individuals take inspiration and create new beginnings that will lead to long term fulfillment.

I was born with the first name of Christine. Chrysallis is my spiritual name. It represents positive transformations. This is the essence of what I am here to do. All my life, I've found immense gratification in seeing new potential and beauty in other people and even in ordinary things.

Ever since childhood, I've held a deep seated passion for the arts, personal healing and psychology. I went to UCLA and received a bachelor degree in Psychobiology. And I also spent the early part of my career creating and implementing learning strategies for autistic children.

Many of these principles also applied within the realm of social media. And I further developed my expertise in this field.

Although it may seem that all these areas are so different, the direct and indirect lessons they impart are actually quite interrelated.

I am able to combine my passion with the the knowledge that I have gained to help others create new systems for themselves on their own terms. It is my fondest dream to help others embark on their own path of chrysallis so that they can find strength in their own gifts and contribute to the well being of the entire world.