Monica Davis Oakton

Specialties: Business planning,

What Monica Davis is offering:

Media Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

How Monica Davis can help you:

Getting an interview on television or even on a major radio program can be challenging and intimidating to the ordinary entrepreneur and even the experienced professional. Tens of thousands of individuals are leaving money on the table because they don’t know how to leverage the power of the media and other multimedia platforms to significantly grow their companies. Our media programs are designed to teach techniques and methods that help take the stress out of the media interview, prepare clients for increased level of exposure and help them discover the best methods for promoting their products and message, which results in increased income and position them to become viewed as subject matter experts by the media. We help our clients develop the right multi-media strategy for long-term success.

Author, entrepreneur, business and media coach, former talk show host and motivational speaker Monica Davis, is personifying her lifelong desire to transform lives by delivering empowerment and self-development. Through her business expertise, publications and interaction with some of today’s top leaders, Davis is equipping others to overcome setbacks and successfully achieve their life’s potential. Davis is the Founder and Publisher of Exceptional People Magazine, an inspiring digital publication that provides proven strategies and solutions for personal and professional growth, and showcases extraordinary people of various backgrounds, whose great work is prolifically impacting the world. She has interviewed CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs and humanitarians who share their strategies for building a solid life and business plan to bring about greater success. Her magazine is a derivative of her 1999 award-winning Washington, D.C.-based produced talk show, Extraordinary Everyday People.