Hunter Richards LA

Specialties: Screenwriting, directing, producing, financing.

What Hunter Richards is offering:

Screenwriting, Directing and Financing Education

How Hunter Richards can help you:

I educate and assist aspiring or established filmmakers on the craft of screenwriting, directing, producing and financing.

Hunter sold his first screenplay in 1999 to Paramount Studios for 1.4 million dollars and has worked as a script doctor in Hollywood for over a decade. He has sold TV Pilots to FX, E! and Spelling and is now writing, directing, producing and financing TV shows, tech and feature films.

In 2006, Hunter wrote & directed his first feature film, "London", starring Jessica Biel, Jason Statham, Isla Fischer, Dane Cook, Chris Evans, Joy Bryant, and Kat Dennings.

Today he is writing and directing a film based on rock band, Sublime, creating TV shows for cable and network, and financing film, TV and tech projects.