Rachel Fritz

Specialties: Akashic Records, coaching, PSYCH-K

What Rachel Fritz is offering:

Akashic Record reading

How Rachel Fritz can help you:

Are you struggling to find enthusiasm about your current career? Have you had enough playing small and ready to move into your bigger purpose in a powerful way? Do you want to make money in a way that honors your unique gifts and is fun and satisfying? Are you confused about how to connect with your loved ones? In your Akashic Record reading, you can receive guidance on these topics and more. You will ask your most burning questions and get answers from the divine.

Rachel Fritz helps people go from stuck and bored to being focused, purposeful, and joyful in their careers and lives. She uses the Akashic Records to reconnect them with their true nature and use what is uncovered to move them into action around creating authentic and fulfilling lives for themselves. She is also a certified holistic health coach and PSYCH-K facilitator. She enjoys making art, riding bicycles, practicing yoga, cooking, eating, exploring, and being out in nature.