Jovin Montanaro LA

What Jovin Montanaro is offering:

seminars, one on one coaching

How Jovin Montanaro can help you:

In these classes, my goal is to assist each student in having a transformative experience, giving them a chance to safely look out over the abyss and see what is possible. For them, I want nothing less than complete freedom of self-expression.

Through dynamic group exercises and one on one coaching, these principles establish themselves deep within, becoming second nature, communication transforms into a joyful dance, a gracious sharing, powerful and yet breathtakingly delicate.

The teaching of science involves learning vast amounts of information, years of research and then applying, with confidence, all one has learned. In the work of personal transformation there is much to learn as well. Techniques for stilling fear, body awareness, seeing our own areas of tension and constriction.

There is also much to unlearn. Fears, harmful beliefs about ourselves, untrue conclusions about the world and the way it operates. This is deep work, intensely personal, often frightening and certainly confrontive. With a gentle hand and patience, a student can be guided through the labyrinth. There is gold on the other side.

I challenge students to push beyond, further than they’ve ever imagined. It is a great way to live and a great way to experience this class.

Jovin was fortunate to be born in the lower east side Manhattan to the story-teller jester pantomime Tony Montanaro. A weaver of poignant tales and sublime phantasms Tony was an international teacher & performer with a career that spanned over fifty years.
Jovin’s mother studied yoga and meditation, teaching with Dr. Mishra and Swami Satchidananda at Ananda Ashram in upstate New York. The family eventually moved to the ashram where Jovin attended lectures and programs with Mishra and Satchidananda.
At age eight, Tony began tutoring Jovin in the arts of mime and storytelling, including him in ongoing year-round workshops in Woodstock NY and finally The Celebration Mime Theatre in South Paris Maine.
At fifteen Jovin left home starting his own life path, eventually finding the teachings of Stanislavski, Chekov and Meisner, steeping himself in what would be a lifetime exploration of the theatre arts.
Ten years as a practicing Buddhist, fourteen years working with transformational seminars, twenty years teaching, twelve years directing/writing and endlessly seeking, he has lived a dynamic creative life.
In parallel with his performing arts career, Jovin is an accomplished musician on multiple instruments featuring thirty years as a flutist, playing throughout the United States and internationally.
In an abrupt, turn Jovin delved into the sculptural arts, developing a unique technique for pouring bronze and working in found object assemblage. He has a wonderful gallery loft at the Brewery Art Complex in downtown Los Angeles which houses his work and is the gathering place for Zãkku!!
Jovin is currently over three hundred pages into his first novel, a fantastical spiritual allegory. He seeks to express himself fully in every medium he works in. He has brought his focus to many disciplines, always striving to experience the thrill of full participation.