James Abron, CPC Livonia

Specialties: Career Transition Coaching, Entrepreneur Coaching

What James Abron, CPC is offering:

Coaching services

How James Abron, CPC can help you:

I specialize on working with people in transition. Have you been down-sized or out-sourced? Looking to re-enter the workforce after a long hiatus? Are you moving to a new job or desire to change careers? Are you a technical professional moving into management or desiring to make the jump? Need to enhance your leadership and motivation skills? My career coaching can make the difference. Make changes without fear, guilt, needing permission or acceptance by those around you. Let's work on a plan for creating your new life!

My coaching approach centers on helping you discover your authentic self. This is where you can naturally sustain your passion for growth and success. Think about the happiest times in your life. Those were the times when you were following your own course, when you felt in control of your destiny. I can help you feel that again.

My own life struggles have given me insight into how to support your growth and transformation into the person you desire to become. I was out-sourced. I've been down-sized. My clients learn how to move forward and find fulfilling new careers.

James earned his B.S. from Purdue University and the MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Certified as a Life Coach by the Fowler Wainwright Institute of Professional Coaching, James also earned a Certificate in coaching from the School of Coaching Mastery in St Louis, Missouri. Additional career coach training was completed at the Workplace Coach Institute. James is a member of several professional organizations: International Association of Coaching, CoachVille, International Association of Professional Life Coaches, and a founding member of IMPACT - the professional organization for coaches and trainers.