Gina Johnson Smith Walnut

Specialties: PR, Marketing, Grant Funding, Consulting, Developing Business & Marketing Strategies, Women's Issues, Current Events, Parenting, Entrepreneurship

What Gina Johnson Smith is offering:

Seminars, Workshops, SKYPE Consultation on the above topics.

How Gina Johnson Smith can help you:

REAL LIFE is waiting on YOU!

Gina Johnson Smith is a three-time author and popular speaker and entrepreneur. In her presentations, she shares her life journey with family, in the corporate world, as a parent, grandparent and entrepreneur with refreshing honesty and candor.

As a sought-after speaker, social commentary pundit, publicist, media expert, TV and radio guest, Gina shares the realities of her life as an entrepreneur, and life lessons she’s learned through corporate America, being a parent, grandparent and mentor with a warmth and sincerity that’s contagious. Her unique blend of energy, information and storytelling style will take hold of your audience and get them tuned in for what’s to come.

Gina is no stranger to facing her fears and overcoming self-limiting barriers. She was victorious over cancer, finished the Los Angeles Marathon six times and boldly founded SPMG Media, an International Media and PR business. Gina Johnson Smith passionately embodies the hope of knowing you can overcome any of life’s obstacles – You just have to believe you can, step forward and take action!