Lisa Romano New York

Specialties: relationships, codependency, spiritual healing, self esteem, adult children of alcoholics

What Lisa Romano is offering:

Coaching to adult children of alcoholics and those suffering from codependency.

How Lisa Romano can help you:

Bestselling author, speaker and coach, Lisa A. Romano is a specialist in the field of codependency. An expert in facilitating the expansion of others awareness of self, Lisa is a conduit for healing.

A spiritual healer is one who is able to act as a conduit for an individuals higher Self. The goal of a true spiritual healer is to exchange energy with the other, in order to clear blocks that have caused separation, abandonment and pain.

As a spiritual healer Lisa works with clients to help them gain emotional alignment so that rapid healing can take place. The goal of each session is to impart the value of unconditional love, so to ease clients back into emotional harmony.

Adult children of alcoholics have been bruised on a heart level. Because ACoA have been separated from Self, fear is a tremendous thread in their life. As an empathic healer, Lisa has dedicated her life to helping clients clear those past blocks, so that they may experience more intimate relationships with Self as well as with others.

Healing is possible, and a birthright.

Sometimes a little guidance is all we need.