Syama Meagher

Specialties: Retail Strategy and Business Development

What Syama Meagher is offering:

Consulting in person, online

How Syama Meagher can help you:

Throughout my years of experience in fashion I have seen the passion of small designers and their collections never reach fruition due to poor business planning. My business plan is simple. Designers love to be creative and design. I love to consult for small businesses. Together we can be a perfect team, with one side keeping the creatively flowing and the other watching that all important bottom line.

I have had the opportunity to help grow several up-and-coming fashion brands, in multiple areas of the retail and wholesale fashion business, taking them to the next level. With my background being deep in the core of the business, developing business and sales plans, creating pr/marketing strategies and merchandising, I am able to focus in on each brand’s needs and see the big picture. While I’ve worked with both large and small brands, my passion lies within the boutique world, and I am now focusing on applying this knowledge to grow the fashion industry.

– My ideal client has manufacturing, samples, and a goal set in place, someone who may have their business plan written down, or at least knows where they are headed.

– What I can offer is a rich background in fashion, fashion show production, sales, public relations, planning, accounting and online merchandising.

– Services, include Business Plan, PR strategy, Sales/Marketing plan, and Exit Strategies.

If you have your product and need the tools to get off the ground, this is a great opportunity for you. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me so we can set-up a time to meet and discuss further.

Look forward to hearing from you.



East Coast now West Coast: With 10 years in the New York fashion industry, and now based in Los Angeles, I work bi-coastally in business development. My purpose in consulting is to develop wholesale and retail talent, by providing innovative and strategic growth formulas. Working in various capacities with vendors and retailers, I have been a partner in the growth of many fashion and cosmetic brands. My agenda is simple; to impart you with the knowledge I have to get your business headed in the right direction. One might think of it as an intensive crash course in fashion planning. Your business remains your business. You can have an excellent brand, but without mapping your financial goals- an excellent brand may not grow the way one hopes. My goal is to get you where you want to be.

I have had the privilege of working with the following companies and organizations:


James Jeans
Links of London
Charles Tyrwitt
Vie Luxe

Gucci America
Barneys New York
Ann Taylor
Macy’s (better casual and active; Nike, Puma etc.)

Yves Saint Laurent
Calvin Klein
Estee Lauder
Sue Devitt
Lola Cosmetics
Urban Decay
Involvement in the Arts
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Direct Arts
Co-founder, Pop Up Collective; Innovation = Activation

Member of:
Ladies Who Launch
The Glass Hammer
Alliance Francaise