Henrik Vejlgaard New York

Specialties: Look Younger Without Surgery

What Henrik Vejlgaard is offering:

Learn to Radiate Youthfulness Makeovers

How Henrik Vejlgaard can help you:

You may have watched makeover tv-shows or seen makeovers in magazines. Now you can have your own personal makeover consultant guide to look like your self-perceived age.

Your expert makeover consultant is the editor of Look Younger Magazine and the author of the book Look Younger Without Surgery. He will guide you to looking the age you perceive yourself to be.

Are you in your 40s and want to look like you are in your 30s? Or are you in your 60s and want to look like you are in your 40s? Henrik will guide you to looking the age that you feel no matter what age you are.

We start out by finding out what your self-perceved age is. In other words, how young do you feel you are? When we know your self-perceived age we discuss all the options you have with respect to clothing, accessories, hair style, make-up, eyewear etc. that will help you look the age you feel. After that we make a very specific list of suggestions that you can do to look younger, and together we make a plan on how you can to proceed om how to look younger.

Henrik Vejlgaard, M.Sc., M.A., is the founding editor of Look Younger Magazine, an online magazine that gives men and women advice and inspiration on how to look younger. He is the author of Look Younger Without Surgery: Learn to Radiate Youthfulness (Confetti Publishing).

Both the magazine and the book are based on the research and thinking of his three books: Anatomy of a Trend, The Lifestyle Puzzle, and Style Eruptions. The books document how changes in style and taste take place, and how we communicate with the clothes we wear.

He coined the term “age-elasticity” in the late 1990s and became an expert in understanding the new concept of age, i.e., that there is a huge difference between biological age and self-perceived age.