Karen Jackson-Everette Pt. Richmond

Specialties: Heart Inspired Living Facilitator , Instructional Designer,

What Karen Jackson-Everette is offering:

Classes, Private 1-1 consultations and Online Courses

How Karen Jackson-Everette can help you:

Karen Jackson-Everette offers classes/workshops for personal growth and wellness:
- Living from the Heart
- The Power of Gratitude
- Path to the Heart (Online Course)
- Stress Management using HeartMath tools and techniques

Karen Jackson-Everette is founder and executive director of Gratitude Power Inc. an organization that provides training and research on the power of practicing gratitude at a deeper level creating a bridge to heart consciousness. Gratitude Power has hosted and collaborated with healers, teachers and presenters worldwide. Karen created and opened the Center for Heart Inspired Living, located in Point Richmond, CA. which offers a beautiful space for individuals, schools and businesses to discover the power of leading from the heart. Education is offered through, seminars, workshops and special events.

The Center for Heart Inspired Living provides tools for empowering individuals to create a heart focused life while developing a path to success, joy and prosperity. Karen wrote the e-book “Awakening to Gratitude” and created the CD “Affirmations of Gratitude” She teaches several classes around Gratitude and the Path to the Heart. Karen is a licensed HeartMath 1-1 Provider and a certified Appreciative Inquiry consultant.

As an educator and instructional designer, Karen has over 20 years as a training consultant to corporate clients worldwide. Her clients include companies such as Wells Fargo, CSAA, Visa, Walmart, PG&E, The Gap, Levi Strauss, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University, Johnson & Johnson and more. The goal is to present to the world a unique pathway to success through the action of Gratitude and Heart Inspired Living