Monda Bassil

Specialties: Real Estate ..many aspects however, I am focusing on helping salespeople starting in Real estate sales

What Monda Bassil is offering:

I am offering advise for people staring in Real Estate. I Was in Donald Trump's book called The Best Real Estate AdviceI ever Recieved". About Know your clients needs. Would like to help salespeople identify helping clients get what they need and want. so etimes people say they want one thing and end up with another. salespeople often get frustrated. I would like to help teach how to identify options to help salespeople succeed and clients become happy and therefore refer more clients.

How Monda Bassil can help you:

I would like to help salespeople succeed in the real estate endeavors to make money and make people happy!

My name is Monda Bassil. I started in real Estate as my first part time job in high school. Real Estate has always been my passion.I have owned, managed developed and sold Real Estate, as well as commercial deals and mortgage notes. I have my own Real Estate company where I use to spend my time hiring and trying brokers one on one. my business is based completely on referrals. I used to work for one of the large Real Estate companies before starting my own business. Now am producing a National and international featuring High End Properties. I was in Donald Trumps book called the best Real Estate Advise I ever Received, as one of the top 100 people in real estate. I was also quoted on the back cover along with Barbara Corcoran, Donald Trump jr. Shvo, and a 1031 expert. My quote was Real Estate can be so much fun you almost feel guilty earning money at it". my goal is to help people succeed while helping people find their dream, and to help the frustration and dejection that salespeople feel at times, and understand it is most important to Understand your clients needs and you can achieve yours. To Learn how to help the client to get what they need within their price point, at any price point.