Giveline Thoby

Specialties: Financial Stability specialist

What Giveline Thoby is offering:

peer to peer lending instruction

How Giveline Thoby can help you:

I will teach you how to invest your money into a peer lending. this is basically you bring a bank and lending directly to other people. I diversify my portfolios. I don't have millions to invest. I'm a mother and an ex- wife. I understand alot of us don't have alot but still want to make the little we have work for us. let me show how! I will show you how to start investing with just $25 . right now I made over $300 in interest. You can make that and more.

28 year old mother of 1' divorced for 3 years. business administration degree. I used to own a tutoring company for 4 years. Human resource consultant for 4 years. An investor for 8 years. Now I am a nurse, and an Itworks distributor.