Karen Thomas

Specialties: Career Coaching for Boomers

How Karen Thomas can help you:

Career Coaching for Boomers

Career Coaching for Boomers - Thomas Resources leverages your initiative and motivation as milestones to lead you to your career advancement or career search goals.

You are an expert – in your field of knowledge you have been taught and experienced many successes, however, you haven’t been taught how to effectively launch and manage an effective job search or how to land your next promotion – I can help you achieve your career ambitions.

Thomas Resources provides career coaching for all ages, however, Boomers are our specialty. We have been in business since 2009 coaching and training clients to successfully navigate their careers matrix of shortening the amount of time they are searching or landing their next promotion.

Karen Laughlin, Principal is a Certified Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR) and Certified Coach (CC)