Stephanie Phillips New York

Specialties: Styling, Fashion, Budget Conscious Shopping, Dating & Relationships

What Stephanie Phillips is offering:

One-on-One Style Consultations, Wardrobe Creation & Clothing Consolidation Courses

How Stephanie Phillips can help you:

Learn an easy step-by-step process to creating and maintaining personal style on a budget!

Stephanie Phillips is an avid fashion enthusiast and a makeover coach in New York City. Phillips spends a significant amount of time researching fashion and trends.

--What’s in fashion now?
--What’s trendy?
--How does one avoid trend pressures and maintain style?

These are questions Phillips constantly asks herself. She then translates the knowledge she acquires into easy steps for developing personal-lasting style for her clients.

She prides herself in teaching her clients how to catch people’s attention through simple personalized elements within their wardrobe. Phillips doesn't believe in following trends. Rather, she believes in creating practical trends for the individual that he/she can realistically maintain.