Alfred Reinold Baudisch

Specialties: Web, mobile and game programming and development

What Alfred Reinold Baudisch is offering:

General programming and software engineering consulting

How Alfred Reinold Baudisch can help you:

I provide programming, performance and software engineering advices for the following areas:
- Websites, web systems and e-commerce.
- Mobile applications.
- Mobile games.
- Desktop and web games.

I'm a jack of all trades programmer and I have experience with all kinds of software projects, software frameworks, databases and programming languages, including:
- Websites, e-commerce, iPhone, iPad and Android applications and games, Desktop and mobile games.
- PHP, C++, JavaScript, Lua, Objective-C, C#
- CakePHP, jQuery, Unity, Corona SDK, Mono, MonoTouch, Cocos2D, Qt
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Self taught programmer with 13 years of experience. I can be considered a "starter": when I need something or when I see opportunities I learn what is needed and create solutions by myself.