Feng Shui Essence

Specialties: Chinese Philosophy and Metaphysics

What Feng Shui Essence is offering:

Feng Shui audit, Chinese Astrology (Four Pillars Of Destiny analysis), Date Selection, I Ching predictions, spiritual advisory and guidance

I am a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer with over a decade of active experience and never ending studies. I study and practice Chinese Philosophical disciplines such as I Ching, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. I Ching, Chinese astrology and Feng Shui are the composites of Chinese Philosophy which explains the concept of Human Destiny and provide ancient techniques and tools on how to improve your life and health, reach your goals and prosper.
The concept of Human Destiny can be divided in three equally important and interconnected parts:
- Heaven Luck
- Earth Luck
- Human Luck

Heaven Luck is responsible for creating our chances and determined by the moment of our birth. This moment is a manifestation of our life and the beginning point of our life cycle. Supporting and obstructing elements intertwine within a unique pattern of your birth time and place creating tendencies and chances. Because each element which affects your life has its own timeliness and cyclical pattern your life influences can be predicted. Four Pillars Of Destiny (Ba Zi) is a system which studies Heaven Luck and predicts our life tendencies for each timely cycle. Four Pillar Analysis is a powerful tool which gives you a better understanding of self, your talents, afflictions and opportunities. It will help you to navigate your life using benevolent Qi and warn you about possible danger so you can avoid setbacks.

Earth Luck is responsible for our physical opportunities and determined by the physical environment we live and work at. Every environment (a house, an office, a city, a country and est.) has its own unique magnetic pattern which affects our wellbeing. It creates a physical manifestation for our opportunities. Feng Fhui studies earthly magnetic field and its affect on every given individual. It is a very accurate and elegant mathematical method of measuring magnetic field and calculating compatibility between a building structure and its residents. Ancient elemental remedies are used to harmonize houses and places of business in order to multiply prosperity and increase health of occupants.

Human Luck is basically a human karma. The word karma literally means "act" or "deed". This is a Universal Principal of cause and effect. It is not as simple as one-to-one correspondence of reward and punishment. The concept of karma lies in intelligent action and dispassionate response. It inquires free will, choice, thought and decision. Accumulated karma alters the human state of mind which will predestine your next action therefore an upcoming result will be predestined also. To brake the karmic cycle you have to work on yourself. Wish Map journal writing is an art and the most wonderful tool of self-discovery. It tracks down accumulated negative karmic obstacles, brakes down the cycle of consequences and helps to build a new happier more successful you. Using Wish Maps you will take a conscious control over your life and will navigate it to Health, Wealth and Happiness.
The foundation of Chinese Philosophy is that Man is part of the Universe he lives in. The Universe is forever changing, so are we. Being a part of the Universe we can establish links between our selves and the natural forces surrounding us. The changes in the Universe affect our existence and well being. Using the ancient techniques those changes can be calculated and benevolent/harmful Qi can be pointed and predicted. This will allow us to navigate our life so we can take the full advantage of auspicious influences and block/avoid negativity.