Mike Browne Long Beach

Specialties: Tablet art, iPad use for the Entrepreneur

What Mike Browne is offering:

Lessons to convert from pencil and sketchbook to tablet and stylus

How Mike Browne can help you:

Being a long time pencil artist I wanted to switch to drawing on an iPad. I discovered a problem called "palm rejection" where your hand touches the screen. From there I created the "GlydeWrite Cleaning Shield", a combination microfiber screen cleaner and tablet drawing shield. I have spent a lot of time on the product to make it an absolute necessity for the tablet artist or creative entrepreneur.

• Cartoonist
• Animator
• Interactive Designer
• Entrepreneur

Mike Browne has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and art experience. His creations have appeared in magazines, on packaging, television, movie openings, websites, video games and iPhone apps. Today he is focused on the conversion from paper to tablet as a method. The stylus replaces a drawer full of traditional art tools, he has figured out how to make the digital switch.