Sunni Welles Tehachapi

Specialties: Communicates with angels and "specific" spirits who have passed on to the Heavenlies.

What Sunni Welles is offering:

Phone readings for a half hour or one hour reading with the spirit you request.

How Sunni Welles can help you:

During your uniquely "interactive" session with the requested spirit, you are encouraged to ask your deceased loved one or angel questions, which will help to make your session that much more gratifying and special. Validations will naturally flow through this way during this wonderful exchange of conversation with your loved one. It will seem as if you are talking to them over the phone once again, just like in the good old days.

Sunni Welles is a well-renowned and highly respected International Christian Spiritual Medium. Featured on Fox News, NBC Arizona Midday, Living in Scottsdale TV, and in the James Van Praagh Chat Room. Host of Ask the Angels on Blogtalk Radio. She is the author of Glimpses of Heaven From the Angels Who Live There.

Sunni Welles does readings for those of all faiths. Her clients come to her from all over the world, thus they are people who are committed to many different religions and belief systems. Sunni's clients are not only Christian believers, but run the gamut from Muslims, Metaphysical, New Age Thinkers, and many clergy and theologians, such as Catholic priests and rabbis, etc.

Sunni is an expert and author on the afterlife.

Sunni has been blessed with 4 spiritual gifts--a rare and amazing ability to call a "requested spirit" to a session, and is gifted with clairaudience, automatic handwriting and discernment.