Roger Schulman Beverly Hills

Specialties: screenwriting, journalism, writing software, television production, comedy

What Roger Schulman is offering:

Writing advice and consultation from an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter

How Roger Schulman can help you:

I can help you overcome hurdles and blast roadblocks at any stage of the screenwriting process, from idea generation to character creation to script structuring. While there are no magic tricks to creating a solid, entertaining, emotionally moving script, there are techniques that can help you avoid unnecessary effort and stress and get to the heart of the problem to find a unique solution that utilizes your unique voice. My expertise derives, not only from my experience as a writer of features and TV shows, but as an instructor at the University of Southern California, the more prestigious screenwriting program in the country.

Roger S. H. Schulman is a veteran screenwriter of features, TV series and MOWs. He is the recipient of an Academy Award nomination and British Academy Award for "Shrek," an Emmy nomination for "JONAS," as well as numerous other awards for screenwriting. A former journalist for Newsweek and Business Week, Schulman enjoys writing for children, adults, and swings between projects of fantasy and those based on real-life people and pursuits. He has created, developed and run several TV shows, enabling him to carry his or another creator's vision from inception to screen, on time and under budget. In addition to writing, he is currently teaching at the School of Cinematic Arts of the University of Southern California.

Half-hour comedy; hour-long drama; live-action feature; feature animation