Lloyd Strayhorn New York

Specialties: Numerology and astrology

What Lloyd Strayhorn is offering:

Consultation services

How Lloyd Strayhorn can help you:

Half-hour analysis of their name and birthday. The name analysis will describe the persons talents, gifts skills and abilities. This would also include the kinds of people as well as zodiac signs, including the dates of birth that would be drawn to them. The birthday analysis tells what numbers that are important to them; what days out of the week; what weeks out of the months, and their best months out of the year. This would also include how to find your soul mate and a lot more! The session is recorded if so wish.

Mr. LLoyd Strayhorn is perhaps the most world renown astro-numerologist. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and Katie Couric among others. Teacher, lecturer and author of the best seller, "Numbers and you. . .A numerology guide for everyday living", he loves the subject with a passion. Mr. Strayhorn has made many predictions which can be "googled" or "YouTubed". His always warm and personable approach is relaxing, with an upbeat response. Mr. Strayhorn will teach a course on the subject, "How to read a person like a book", at the City College of New York, Spring of 2013.