Coach Nicole Brown

Specialties: Couseling, M.A. Life Coaching, Ceritfied Training-iPEC

What Coach Nicole Brown is offering:

Life Coaching

How Coach Nicole Brown can help you:

I offer One-on-One or group coaching to individuals who are emotionally READY and mentally WILLING to move forward in making significant changes in their lives. Whether it's a small goal or big dreams all things are possible with God and if you believe you are worth accomplishing it!!

Coach Nicole, life coach and founder of Changing Lanes Life Coaching is a natural born encourager and enthusiast for life. Once known as “the little lady with the big voice,” Nicole has always been in the business of encouraging people to find and pursue their passions.

As a former “On Air” radio personality in New York, coupled with over ten years of interview, hosting and public speaking experience, Nicole has developed a keen sense of being able to tap into what is going on in the heart of a person. Listening not only to what a person is saying but what they are not saying, Nicole is able to get to the root of confusion and indecisiveness and bring clarity so that setting and achieving goals can be accomplished.

Nicole demonstrated her own commitment to passion and purpose when she left a high profile, successfully thriving career in radio to pursue a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and then a career as a Professional Life Coach. With immovable faith, Nicole is convinced that in order to achieve greatness, you must be willing to take risks…even when those risks require you to walk on water.