Patrick M Coyne Pittsford

Specialties: Consulting/Coach/Teach "Being aware of what you think is half the battle" -PMC

What Patrick M Coyne is offering:

consulting/coaching for corporate team building or one on one.

How Patrick M Coyne can help you:

Patrick M. Coyne focuses on showing others get what you want out of life & how to live a magnificent life.
What will his class do for you?

It will give you the tools to use for the following:

How to use "Intention" to bring things into your life that you want.
How to Create a Better life Using gratitude.
How to Actually Enjoy Your Job!
How to Manifest the Love of your life.
How to create better relationship with anyone.
Get the tools to change your life effortlessly.
Teaching you children to grow up healthy and happy.
Rid yourself of bad habits.
I have done all of these and will show you how you can too.

"Being aware of what you think is half the battle. " -PMC
..Remember, if you are reading this ad, everything happens for a reason.

Patrick M. Coyne an entrepreneur. Mr. Coyne has been a radio talent/local celebrity in the Rochester, NY market for Property Source Radio which was the hottest Real Estate Talk Show in the market for the four years it aired.
Patrick M. Coyne has been given the title a “Lifestyle Creator” by peers in the industry. He claims that a “Lifestyle Creator” helps others create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.
Mr. Coyne Created the consulting business for "Use Your Mind to be the Best You" to show us how to change our thought process and that will change our lives...effortlessly.
Mr. Coyne is a US. military veteran, he has a vast experience in Real Estate and Information Technology. In addition he has an astute sense of business and what is cutting edge technology of our times. Mr. Coyne is from the Rochester area and currently resides with his wife and 2 children in Pittsford, NY