Yao Huang

Specialties: starting companies, raising companies, building tech companies, closing deals, business development, online marketing, business in Asia

What Yao Huang is offering:

help starting a business, "fixer" to solve business problems

How Yao Huang can help you:

Building a company, especially a tech company for someone who has not done it before can be daunting. There is the tech piece itself, the team, finding the business, figuring out the numbers, pitching investors, pitching companies, finding customers..... The list can seem very long and sometimes you may not know where to begin or just need some help. I have advised and helped a number of companies grow and been there for founders and their issues. I am the "fixer".

Yao-Hui Huang is a highly entrepreneurial executive who works with businesses and start-ups in many industries with a focus on technology, helping them to grow their organizations in a market-smart and cost-effective way.

She founded The Hatchery, a venture collaboration organization with international reach bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors through resources, advisory, funding and building communities. She has had multiple successes as an entrepreneur and supports other companies in advisory and C level management roles.

Yao was named by Forbes as one of eleven women at the center of New York’s digital scene, and by Beta Beat as one of 25 Women Driving New York’s Tech Scene. She also traveled with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Indonesia in 2011, as a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Program Delegation.

Yao is a sought after speaker in areas of building internet companies, technology, social media, and entrepreneurship. Yao and her efforts have been featured in Fortune, Inc Magazine, The Miami Herald, Reuters, Daily News, Red Herring, Crains, American Venture.