Tracy Repchuk

Specialties: internet marketing and social media for business speaker and strategist

What Tracy Repchuk is offering:

Website development integrated with brand, social media, and the ability to make money and feature you as the celebrity and authority in your field

How Tracy Repchuk can help you:

> Website creation with marketing results in mind - created and reviewed
> Landing page, corporate, author or speaker sites - created and reviewed
> Message and brand evaluation for social media and internet optimization
> Search Engine Optimization strategies - including keyword establishment
> Publishing and book cover feedback
> Mobile Marketing Site - Teaching, evaluation and creation
> Email marketing campaign evaluation and creation
> Copywriting and direct marketing creation and evaluation
> Social media strategies
> Traffic strategies

Tracy Repchuk is an International Speaker, bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles, Facebook Mastery for Business and Understanding Mobile Marketing and award winning entrepreneur since 1985 and she will engage and enlighten with her in depth experience of internet marketing and social media so you can fast track your marketing with internet domination, social media automation and instant expert recognition.

Tracy Repchuk travels the world speaking on how to make money on the internet whether you are already a business or want to start one up.

For many business owners, moving to the internet appears exhausting and pointless. The reality though is if you aren't on the internet, you are leaving money on the table, losing customers and not leveraging one of the greatest mediums this world has ever had.

As an entrepreneur for almost 30 years, graduating with a degree in IT and following that with an accounting designation, I have been on the internet since the very early days.

Would you like me to show you the step by step process needed to utilize the internet properly, including social media, so that you can spend time on what you know well - your business?

Tracy has appeared on ABC7, 4 your money, Report on Business TV, HGTV, USA Today, Forbes, MSN Money, King5, CW, and over 50 publications, newspaper and magazine.