Vicki Garcia, President

Specialties: Online and Offline marketing strategies

What Vicki Garcia is offering:

Phone consultations

How Vicki Garcia can help you:

Call me with your questions before you undertake the development of a new website or an internet campaign!

Marketing Impressions founded by Victoria Garcia in 1986, is a full service San Diego based, woman owned, marketing company specializing in integrated marketing for businesses, non-profits, retailers, large corporations and public agencies.
In Darwinian terms, the demands of the new breed of customer not only force the evolution of the marketing practice but that of marketing practitioners as well. Grounded in graphic design, strategy development, and traditional marketing, Marketing Impressions has evolved into that new breed of marketer. As content engineers, we engineer and optimize the many forms of content required to engage customer 2.0, based on the data presented by analysis tools. Social-media monitoring and analysis give us the pulse on buyer sentiments on brands, products, and ad campaigns. Web analytics tell us which content is engaging which type of visitor from which source. Search engine optimization tools present us with the right keywords to include on a Website to improve page rank (and thus findability) with search engines.
Leveraging all the social and behavioral intelligence available to us, as content engineers and designers we develop and apply the right content with the right visuals, at the right time, to engage the right audience in the most effective manner possible. Part creative left brain and part scientific right brain, we live and breathe the new marketing math: creativity without conversions = zero!