James Bonnet Los Angeles

James Bonnet, the author of Stealing Fire from the Gods: The Complete Guide to Story For Writers And Filmmakers, is an internationally known writer, teacher, story consultant and the founder of Storymaking.com. He was elected twice to the Board of Directors of the Writer's Guild of America and has written or acted in more than forty television shows and features. Since 1990 he has been conducting intensive weekend seminars in Los Angeles, and consulting with screenwriters, producers, directors, novelists, lawyers, psychologists, and corporations. Since 2006 he has been holding one-on-one seven day workshop/retreats in France and Santa Monica and teaching in Paris, London and Singapore. His book has been taught in university courses around the world and is having a major impact on writers in all media. In his forthcoming book, Cracking the Story Code, he will analyze the world’s greatest stories and reveal their hidden structures and the extraordinary secrets they contain.