Patricia Haman Santa Monica

Specialties: Core Energetics and Healing

What Patricia Haman is offering:

Free Community Nights at the Santa Monica Airport

How Patricia Haman can help you:

Introducing Core Energetic
a integrated mind, body and spirit approach to working with yourself and supporting your leadership with others.
come out meet others and learn more about this fun approach to working with yourself and with others.
Next Community night is focused on working with the mask, how it develops and how to move beyond our mask to more joyful exchanges with others and within ourselves.

Patricia has served over the past 30 years as a Healer, International instructor of Core Energetics, University Instructor, Licensed Therapist, and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator. She is a master at the transformation and healing of self and other while providing engaging experiences for those who want more for themselves in life! While very intuitive and guided, she also brings her own healing and extensive experience to the service of others. You will not be bored and you will always gain something from an experience with Patricia. She is a Senior Faculty Member of The Radical Aliveness Core Energetic Institute in Los Angeles and the National Institute for Core Energetics in Holland. Patricia maintains a Healing Practice in the Santa Monica Airport.