Guy Joseph Ale, DBA, Health, Wellness & Longevity Expert Los Angeles

Guy Joseph Ale, DBA, is Founder and President of Lifespan Seminar. He serves as Vice President of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology. Guy is considered one of the world's visionaries in longevity and wellness. He holds a Doctorate in counseling psychology (honoris causa) from Young Scientists University "in recognition of his findings and contributions made so far to the field of human lifespan." These findings and contributions are detailed in Guy's book, A Manual for Mastering Your Life, which is a handy guide for daily challenges, such as weight management, dealing with stress, good nutrition, and life-work balance.

Since 1992, Guy has researched the scientific, spiritual, behavioral, and evolutionary aspects of the awareness that we can sense how long we can live and the practical applications of this insight in everyday circumstances. This research has led to the establishment of a holistic system of mind-body-spirit which helps individuals to understand the amount of energy that their body contains, and provides the tools to use this energy in the best possible manner.

Guy serves as a senior faculty member at the Department of Psychology of Business School of the Americas.