Debbie Dobbins

Fiercely honest and high-energy international professional speaker/trainer, Debbie Dobbins, challenges audiences to achieve their dreams, create success and overcome excuses. Debbie colors outside the lines of conventional wisdom while motivating, inspiring and encouraging transformation. After her tenure in corporate America, Debbie owned several successful businesses and brings a fresh perspective to leadership techniques. She unveils powerful secrets which transform lives and businesses, if you are willing to take action. She has made millions, lost millions and continues to use the principles which create wealth.

Debbie’s direct delivery keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as well as creating Ah Ha moments that transform lives.

In addition to being a professional speaker and trainer, Debbie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Fitness Expert. Through personal change she has developed a healthy lifestyle mission which is easy and exciting for all ages.

If you haven’t seen Debbie motivating and inspiring others to their own greatness, you might find her Sky Diving over the Caribbean, Feeding the homeless, writing the next great motivational book or researching the next great advancement in human behavior.

Her thirst for knowledge is the only thing that outweighs her passion for teaching.