Nikkia Shavée

Growing up, Nikkia Shavée watched her grandparents and older family members play the lottery. The family folklore even says a great uncle was run out of town when prohibition kept numbers games underground. Even still, Nikkia never pictured herself spending money on the games. That was until her deceased grandfather came to her in a dream. He told her to play the lottery and that dream led Nikkia, a novice player, to win $40—just enough to put gas in her tank, which she desperately needed. Satisfied with her small winnings, she had no intentions to play again, but the next night her grandfather visited her dreams again and this time he said "why are you settling for small money when you can play for the big money." Not one to disobey her grandfather she began to research the games, play, and win. As a lottery coach, she introduces players to a unique method that isn't about strategy, but provides them with lottery life lessons, putting discipline and knowledge together to increase their chances of winning and help them avoid the pitfalls that come with gambling.