Andrea Kittelson Los Angeles

Specialties: Playwriting. Directing. Performing, Solo Performance Coaching

What Andrea Kittelson is offering:

Solo Performance Coaching, One-Person Show Consulting

How Andrea Kittelson can help you:

Andrea Kittelson helps actors, writers, comedians, musicians, and sundry performance artists craft solo plays that are innovative, literary and theatrical. Don't settle for straightforward memoir via direct address when you can just as easily craft a piece that is highly theatrical and that showcases YOU.

Andrea Kittelson is an LA-based writer, teacher, performer and theater critic. She earned her MFA from SFSU and shortly thereafter co-founded Hyde and Turk Performance Works, a San Francisco-based theater company that specialized in original works of theater and performance art. She has written, directed, performed and/or produced hundreds of solo and ensemble pieces.

Her book How to Put On Your Own One Person Show is used in university theater programs.