Michael Chojnacki Los Gatos

Specialties: Leadership development, application and executive coaching, advanced presentation skills, stress reduction, life balance skills, improving corporate culture, creating workplace harmony, human dynamics, and the power of presence.

What Michael Chojnacki is offering:

Lectures & Workshops, One-on-One Telephone Coaching

How Michael Chojnacki can help you:

Michael’s lectures, workshops, and coaching bring a fresh perspective in solving today’s most pressing issues. Each program provides the tools and techniques to solve “People Problems” and the ability to create harmony through the power of connection. His application and executive coaching provides solutions to achieve immediate results for individuals or groups.

Michael Chojnacki is a professional speaker, workshop leader, and a Sensei in the art of Aikido. Michael teaches the philosophy of Aikido (the way of harmony) where people develop a greater understanding of human dynamics and life balance. Michael brings a fresh perspective in solving today's most pressing issues where people develop greater self-confidence and create harmony through the power of connection. His wit and wisdom are expressed through his insightful lectures and workshops to develop a profound learning environment where people discover a richer life experience. His presentations are always audience-centered, insightful, and entertaining.