Janet Lovell, Sister Lovell Brooklyn

Specialties: healing, stress release, test anxiety, counseling, consultation

What Janet Lovell is offering:

Sr. Lovell offers private consultation, stress release and healing seminars

How Janet Lovell can help you:

Sr. Lovell offers seminars such as Unforgiveness Kills, this seminar teaches you how to forgive and move on with your life. Her Stress Release seminar removes stress from your mind and body. You will feel a big difference after one session. Her healing seminars are miraculous. People have received healings after one 3 hour healing session.

The Testing Anxiety Seminar is known to produce instant results. Her other seminars including Secrets Untold are also life changing.

Minister Janet Lovell: Needing help beyond medical technology, Minister Lovell was deathly ill for 7 years. In her desperation to see her children grow up, she sincerely reached out to God. Minister Lovell asked God to heal her body and in return she vowed to work for Him. God did heal her and as a result, God is now using her to channel His healing energy to heal others. Her healing seminars are the manifestation of her own words and prayers. She has been a leading pastor and religious teacher for 15 years. She is the author of Spiritual Vitamins and Wisdom Speaks and the producer/artist for 6 affirmation healing CDs. Minister Lovell achieved her healing gift after a brief encounter with the Trinity. Shortly after her Trinity experience, she was able to walk and breathe the air outside after not being able to do so for 3 years. At the end of her healing journey, she began to experience the presence of an intense magnetic “energetic breeze” when she worships God. Later, she was informed that the magnetic energy she was experiencing was a necessary component for spiritual healers. This intense magnetic energy signifies that God permits her to conduct healing seminars. Surely, she does not work alone. The Holy Spirit is always there guiding these seminars from beginning to end. To view people that were healed at Minister Lovell’s healing seminars, go to http://lovellhealing.com/