WILD Wendy Richmond, Certified Farrow Memory Speaker Montclair

Specialties: Memory and Speed Reading Expert

What WILD Wendy Richmond is offering:

Classes in Memory and Speed Reading and One on One Coaching

How WILD Wendy Richmond can help you:

I teach at local institutions both Get a Push Button Memory and Instant Speed Reading classes at various venues from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania.

Click on link to find classes in your area! http://memorysuccesscenter.wordpress.com/wild-wendy-speaking-calendar/

Plus, I am available for one on one phone coaching in memory, study skills for both adults and children, plus, speed reading techniques.

Wendy Richmond, aka "WILD Wendy" is a Professional Keynote Speaker and Human Resource Professional. She is the author of the book How to Create WILD Success Within Your Organization and creator of www.WILDWendySpeaks.com. She has partnered with Dave Farrow, Two Time Guinness World Record Holder for Memory and is a Certified Farrow Memory Speaker. She has been in the Human Resources field for 6 years and in the self development field for 15 years working with various organizations to help their employees create WILD Success. She has also worked with the World Renown Dale Carnegie Training Organization and has received endorsements from Brian Tracy, International Business and Achievement Coach, James Malinchak, Star of ABC's Hit TV Show Secret Millionaire and of course, Dave Farrow, Two Time Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory to name a few.